premiere ”DEMOTEC - Democratizarea coeziunii teritoriale: experimentarea cu implicarea cetățenească deliberativă și bugetarea participativă în politicile regionale și urbane europene”

This project will assist the Department of Political Science within the Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences of the Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca to consolidate its main objective of the DEMOTEC project to inform and educate citizens about participatory budgeting.


Research team:

Gabriel Bădescu, project coordinator

Sorana Constantinescu, researcher

Alexandru Andrei Ivan, MA student

Adina Sălăoru, PhD student


The objective objective of the project is to provide information on participatory budgeting. In addition to the objectives of the final objective, implications are set for the certification of a team of certifiers and the training of skills to support participatory budgeting and deliberative mediation in the public sphere. The project has three main components:
(1) information or education: beneficiaries: project team, students involved in annual participatory budgeting workshops
(2) research: in the second year of the project, the research team will conduct a series of group interviews to study the level of information on participatory budgeting; the activity in parallel with D.4.1 of the Orizon2020 project from the University of Babeș-Bolyai is a coordinating partner.
(3) dissemination: project page and updated annually to participate worldwide 2 conferences to publish two articles nationwide